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Davis needs more housing but we need to critically examine the proposed projects in order to address neighbor concerns, include environmental measures, expand affordability, and center marginalized communities in the decision making process

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Davis needs to move to a Housing First approach to best ensure that our homeless neighbors and community members have places to live and are being connected with programs and services

Community Safety

Black Lives Matter. To address racism in policing, there is a lot to be done. As a first step we need to return the police department’s armored vehicle, review all currently employed officers for misconduct complaints, and use police funds to build a separate Department of Public Safety to cover substance use issues and mental health crises

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We need to give Davis residents more of a voice in city council decisions. This can be accomplished in the long term by adding to what the public votes on and in the short term by holding more town halls and including more perspectives

Sac Take the Pledge image, pledge to reject campaign contributions from law enforcement

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